Having experienced personal challenges and heartaches we recognise just how precious life is. This feeling was magnified with the arrival of our daughter when we welcomed what seemed like everyone we knew; and some we didn’t until that moment; into our home to meet our gorgeous little baby girl.

We’d already been in the property and construction business for a while, so we set about creating a company that could enhance wellbeing by creating living spaces that encourage and facilitate a focus on life’s precious moments. For most families the home is the centre of their universe and we want it to contribute more positively to happiness, satisfaction and maintaining our human network.

Is the kitchen really the heart of your home, does your bedroom truly prepare you perfectly for each new day, how well does your bathroom meet your family’s needs?

These were the kind of questions we asked ourselves and we quickly concluded that the market, largely, focuses on selling ‘things’ for houses rather than creating for homes and adding value to peoples’ lives.

Our purpose at George Alexander Living Spaces is to change this. We take a human-led focus to designing functional spaces that achieve what people want from them, and, as we’re all different, one size doesn’t fit all. And this doesn’t stop with the house as it is today, nor is it limited to indoors. We want to challenge and to be challenged to get the maximum value from every home. Our goal is to inspire a new way of thinking.

Our homes can be so much more than bricks and mortar, stainless steel and porcelain. The home should act as the backdrop to our lives, connecting us with family and friends – a theatre for creating memories that will be cherished forever. At George Alexander Living Spaces we are not retail extremists, DIY moguls or sales people who operate with indifference, peddling only the standard, vanilla options. Like you, we are mothers and fathers, friends and siblings, neighbours, animal lovers, travellers, dreamers, and at least one wannabe chef!

We’re not about selling you ‘things’, we’re committed to helping you generate the experiences you want by ensuring that your home is physically up to the task. After that it’s up to you to make the magic happen! We’re a life-sized company that wants to work with people who share our philosophy; “that life is for living and for creating fantastic memories to show how well we’ve achieved that” And it’s not too complicated.

We operate with ‘positive difference’ to learn what makes you happy and to create the optimal home environment that continues to make memories. We believe that if we, jointly, take the time to build the right space then that space will generate the time for us to enjoy it!

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